Martin Till 9" Dual Closing Wheels for Case IH Planters

The BSCW899 guarantees a closed seed trench, while the smooth wheel gently tamps the surface. These specially designed toothed wheels replace the regular closing disk. Moist soil is moved toward the seed at seeding depth even in wet, hard or sod conditions. In wet conditions, the soil is prevented from forming a continuous ribbon by the lifting action of the teeth as they rotate up out of the soil.


Other benefits include:

• Closing wheel arm pressure can be greatly reduced

• Seed trench is closed in the most severe conditions

• Seeding depth does not have to be raised to ensure emergence

• Soil above the seed is loose, allowing quicker emergence in a compaction free environment

• Sidewall compaction is eliminated

Martin Till 9" Dual Spaded Closing Wheels for Case IH